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screenshot of FSU Mathematics website FSU Mathematics (2000) This is the 2nd redesign of the Math site, my longest employer at FSU. They wanted a clean design with a white background, which they felt was most appropriate for a mathematics research entity. I wrote a tool to apply the header, sidebar, and element styles to any arbitrary page. This ensures the site has the same feel on every page, and that feel can be updated instantly.

screenshot of virus23 website virus.23 (2000) A home for my Quake2 CTF clan, circa 2000. I used a fractal plugin from Kai's Power Tools to create the main graphic. My favorite work.

screenshot of My website My homepage (2005) This is my homepage, 3rd generation.

screenshot of Mickey Boyd's academic website Mickey Boyd (1999) My FSU Mathematics boss wanted a homepage for his academic achievments, but with a subtle hint of his more playful side. I was more than happy to incorporate elements from our favorite FPS game at the time, id Software's Quake2.

screenshot of my WWW quickstart page A WWW diving board (1999) Another one of Mickey's ideas, this page serves as a starting point for any surfing on the web. It includes multiple search engine and database tools, plus references and a link expander.

screenshot of Mock FSU Computer Science website Mock FSU Computer Science (1999) My unfortunate entry into the FSU Computer Science webpage redesign contest.

screenshot of ESSS website Economic Self-Sufficiency Services (1999) I didn't win the FSU CS redesign contest, but I sold (a redesign of) my entry to the Department of Health for five times the contest prize's value. I was happy.

screenshot of CSE website FSU Computation Science & Engineering (1999) A technical challenge, this page achieved several goals I set for myself as a budding webdesigner. The page was graphically rich but had small download times, and was vertically stretchable yet still HTML 3.0 compliant.

screenshot of first FSU Mathematics site I created FSU Mathematics (1999) My first redesign for the math department. It was gray before gray was cool!

screenshot of PMMB website Program in Mathematics and Molecular Biology (1999) Graphically rich, this design was rejected because of the imagined constraint walls may evoke. "PMMB doesn't have walls". I can attest from sharing a building with them that they do, infact, have walls. Just not wooden ones.

screenshot of Vanguard website Vanguard (1999) The second website I ever created, this is the homepage for a group of my best friends. This was my first use of perl CGI's and SSI.

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