Computational Simulation

Kevin Beason's Fall 2002 CIS 5930 Page

This page contains materials related to "Computational Simulation", a course taught by Dr. Banks at FSU in Fall 2002. Visit the course webpage for more information regarding the class. See below for my assignments.

Class Description

Here is the vital information for the class.

Title Computational Simulation
Number CIS 5930
Semester Fall 2002
Professor Dr. David C. Banks
Offered By Florida State University Computational Science and Information Technology
Description This course teaches the principles of creating interactive simulations of events on a computer. Open Inventor, a graphics programming API, is employed to create applications illustrating real-world phenomena that users can manipulate and influence in a real-time (instant feedback) manner.

Homework Projects

Below are my the homework assignments for the class. Click on the links to see more information, including project description, images, etc.

Homework 0 - System Orientation
Homework 1 - Plot Parametric Surface
Homework 2 - Time-Varying Parametric Surface
Homework 3 - Another Time-Varying Parametric Surface
Homework 4 - Add a Texture and Cube Environment
Homework 5 - Add Command-Line Options and Usage Message
Homework 6 - Add a Dragger
Homework 7 - Modify Dragger Appearance
Homework 8 - Incomplete
Final Project - Simulation of Anisotropic Diffusion of Water

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