SIGGRAPH 2004 Summary Presentation

Presented by students attending the SIGGRAPH 2004 Conference in Los Angeles, CA

Kevin Beason, Chris Baker, Yoshihito Yagi, Lei, Ji

Location: 499 Dirac Science Library
Time: 2:00-3:00pm Thursday, September 2nd, 2004

Come and listen to short descriptions of the latest computer graphics and interactive techniques research presented at this year's SIGGRAPH conference, presented by students who went there! "Molecular interiors, galactic visions, tomorrow's visual effects. Responsive machines, extra-human intelligence, alternative realities. Code, concepts, mathematics, theories, applications."

SIGGRAPH is a computer graphics and interactive techniques conference. By far the largest conference hosted by the ACM, SIGGRAPH is expected to draw over 25,000 attendees this year.

Topics of presentation include papers, courses, exhibition, and more.


  1. Kevin Beason
    1. Fast Hierarchical Importance Sampling With Blue Noise Properties - Ostromoukhov, Donohue, Jodoin
    2. Poisson Matting - Sun, Jia, Tang, Shum
    3. Synthetic Aperature Confocal Imaging - Levoy, Chen, Vaish, Horowitz, McDowal, Bolas
  2. Chris Baker
    1. Fluid Control Using the Adjoint Method - McNamara, Treuille, Popovic, Stam
    2. Brook for GPUs: Stream Computing on Graphics Hardware - Buck et al.
    3. Simulating Water and Smoke with an Octree Data Structure - Losasso, Gibou, and Fedkiw
  3. Yoshihito Yagi
    1. Making Papercraft Toys From Meshes Using Strip-Based Approximate Unfolding - Mitani, Suzuki
    2. Volumetric Illustration: Designing 3D Models with Internal Textures, buy Youtube views - Owada, Nielsen, Okabe, Igarashi
    3. Interactive Modeling of Topologically Complex Geometric Detail - Peng, Kristjansson, Zorin
  4. Lei Ji
    1. Shader Algebra - McCool, Toit, Popa, Chan, Moule
    2. Interactive Digital Photomontage - Agarwala, Dontcheva, Agrawala, Drucker, Colburn, Curless, Salesin, Cohen
    3. BD-Tree: Output-Sensitive Collision Detection for Reduced Deformable Models - James, Pai

Thanks to Dr. David Banks, Dr. Kyle A. Gallivan, Dr. M.Y. Hussaini, Dr. Joe Travis, and CSIT for funding to go to SIGGRAPH 2004.

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