Homework 2 - BMRT and Scene-reading Inventor app

This is a slight update of the previous homework. A sphere is shown, with it's surface having a cosing emittance distribution. The distribution updates when the scene is rotated, plus the samples on the sphere move about.

Superimposed over the scene is a scene read in from a file. That scene was created with the supplied code. Why? Because I felt like it and because it was part of the assignment.

I spent a disproportionate amount of time just writing the code to produce the sample scene to read in. I guess I got distracted.


Source: hw02.tar.gz 4k

Program Screenshots


I also played around with BMRT. This was a really nice ray tracer. It says it has Photon Mapping and that's correct, but after several hours of trying to make a caustic through glass I come to the knoweledge that the photon mapping only works for specular REFLECTION and not TRANSMISSION. Doh. So my attempt failed. Here's the sad results.

Caustic Attempt

Render-time: 25 minutes on SGI Origin 200

Original Scene