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Contacting the Math Department

Here you can find several ways to contact us for various different reasons. Please look for the section that relates to your inquiry from the following:

Math Department Information
o Main: (850) 644-2202
FAX: (850) 644-4053
Department of Mathematics
Florida State University
208 James J. Love Building
Tallahassee, FL 32306-4510
o Bylaws of the Math Department

Mathematics Help and Question Answering
o We don't answer math questions for web surfers, unless said web surfer is an undergraduate student here at FSU. In that case, please come by the Help Center. Otherwise and in general, please don't e-mail us your questions. By sending e-mail to the links below you are asking questions to staff members, whose job is not answering math questions from web surfers. Therefore, they will most likely not answer your question. However, here are links picked from our Math Virtual Library that may help you:

- Math Quest problem solving, question-answering, chats, mailing lists, and more for arithmetic through calculus
- Eric's Treasure Trove of Mathematics a huge indexed collection of mathematics-related information

Undergraduate admissions and information
o E-mail: admissions@math.fsu.edu

Graduate admissions and information
o E-mail: graduate_admissions@math.fsu.edu
o Fill out our new Graduate Admission Information Request Form
o Current Graduate Students can apply for Assistantship

o Go to our Faculty listing
o Go to our Personnel listing

Web/Computer related issues
o E-mail: webmaster@math.fsu.edu
o Go to Computer Support Personnel to find a particular person


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