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Guides for:
o Applied Math
o Actuarial Science (Undergraduate)
o Computational Biology (Coming Fall 2000)
o Financial Math
o Pure Math
o Undergraduate Guide

These documents contain information on the degrees and areas of specialization offered by each program.

Information about graduate admission and financial aid requirements.

Graduate Admission Information/Application Request Form
A form to request application materials.

Assistantship Info
Information on and a form to acquire assistantship.

General Information on Graduate Studies in Mathematics
Information about our graduate program and a listing of faculty.

Basic Math
Information on lower level math courses at FSU.

Cool Research at FSU Math
Some interesting graduate research topics our professors and graduate students are working on.

Graduate Students
A fairly accurate list of graduate students in the department, with links to their e-mail addresses and homepages.

Old Applied Doctoral Prelims
You can download postscript files of old doctoral prelims here.

Directory of Classes
for Spring, 1999. A listing of all Mathematics courses offered this semester.

Help Center
Hours and rules of the Help Center, a place where students can find help in understanding math concepts and problem solving

Course Webpages
A list of webpages for those classes that have them

E-print Archive
Papers written by our Faculty and Graduate Students

Financial/Actuarial Mathematics e-Notices

This Week in Mathematics: Seminars, Colloquia and Other Events

Bylaws of the Department of Mathematics


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