The objective of the Computational Science and Engineering (CS&E) Program is to provide students with an environment in which they can develop skills necessary to seamlessly blend computational and mathematical techniques with a specialized discipline. It is becoming increasingly clear that these tools will serve as the backbone leading to major advances in all fields of research. To achieve this objective, an alliance of several departments from the College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Engineering has been established to sponsor and staff an inter-departmental, interdisciplinary, graduate degree program in computational science and engineering.

The term ``Computational Science and Engineering" is used to represent an interdisciplinary field comprising a specific scientific or engineering discipline, applied mathematics (including numerical mathematics), and computer science. The applied mathematical aspect emphasizes mathematical modeling of the physical world and the discretized version thereof, whereas the computer science aspect emphasizes the development of software and hardware tools (including libraries, environments, protocols, and devices). Until recently, these two disciplines evolved in isolation without consideration of each other's requirements and opportunities. In order to effectively harness the resources made available by the fast-paced evolution of computer software and hardware, a close-knit coupling of the disciplines is required. The CS&E Program seeks to produce researchers capable of such integration through a curriculum that includes the disciplines of computer science, applied mathematics, and an engineering or science specialty.

This objective is achieved through complementary requirements: students from computer science or mathematics will carry approximately one-third of their total course load in an engineering or scientific discipline outside their department, while engineering or science students will carry approximately one-third of their total course load in computer science and mathematics. In addition, certain core CS&E courses will be required of all CS&E degree candidates, including parallel computer architecture, and computational linear algebra. These courses are designed to emphasize the interdisciplinary aspect of the program.

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