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All applications to join the CS&E Program must be sponsored by a CS&E faculty member. If approved, a CS&E ``mentor" for the student will be selected in consultation with the student and the thesis advisor. The CS&E mentor will serve on the student's doctoral or thesis committee. Mentor and advisor will be jointly responsible for establishing a balanced study plan and must approve all course selections.

CS&E students must satisfy both CS&E requirements and home department requirements. With careful planning, these will usually overlap considerably, making it possible to earn the CS&E degree specialization in one semester's worth (approximately 12 credit hours) of additional coursework.

The student will take a minimum of:

Six credit hours among required CS&E core courses in the first two years, and
Six credit hours of affiliated courses in a department other than the primary one.
The student is also expected to participate in CS&E-designated functions, such as seminars or short courses by visiting researchers.

A student completes the CS&E Program of studies by passing the required CS&E courses, and successfully defending an original dissertation. An outside CS&E faculty member on the thesis committee will judge whether the thesis has sufficient content in computational science to warrant CS&E certification. There exist many interpretations presently as to what constitutes CS&E, as distinct from, for example, computational aerodynamics or computational biology. For the purpose of this judgement, it is not sufficient that a candidate make extensive use of pre-existing computational resources in performing a scientific or technological investigation. There must be an original algorithmic or computer-implementation component in addition to the scientific or engineering contribution.

The student will submit to the CS&E a complete copy of the Ph.D. thesis. It is expected that the results of the research will also be published in appropriate professional journals and that, if applicable, CS&E financial support will be properly acknowledged.

Near the completion of his or her studies, the student shall present him- or herself for a written or oral qualifying examination whose purpose is to determine whether the student shall receive the CS&E certification of specialization.

Admissions Home Internship