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Financial support is available for qualified students on a competitive basis in the form of CS&E Graduate Fellowships. In addition to fulfilling the general requirements for admission to the program, applicants must submit a research proposal as detailed in the Appendix. Compatibility of the students with the goals and research interests of the faculty and industrial and national-laboratory CS&E Program affiliates will be a strong factor in the evaluation process.

Awards are made initially for a period of one year. Yearly renewals for the duration of candidacy are possible, based upon a review of student progress in coursework or dissertation research. A grade average of B or better must be maintained in CS&E courses. Fellowships can be extended for up to four years for students who remain in good academic standing in the CS&E Program and in the home department requirements. In the first two years of the program, the home department will have primary input in judging the standing of participating students. In the latter two years and during any earlier period in which a student enrolls in six or more hours of research credits, the advisor and the research mentor will add their inputs.

Tuition fees are not covered by the award. Customarily, out-of-state tuition and matriculation fee waivers are obtained through home departments. If a student terminates candidacy before the end of a fellowship year, the stipend will be prorated and terminated.

Recipients of CS&E fellowships may not concurrently hold any other form of support from the university, unless a cost sharing agreement is reached. CS&E Program fellows may not hold another for-profit-job. Consistent with this requirement, a participating department may not require the student with a fellowship to teach or perform duties not directly related to his education and research.

Any inquires on the Program or its policies and procedures should be directed to:

Program in Computational Science & Engineering
Florida State University
Tallahassee FL 32306-4120
Tel. (904) 644-0601
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