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The CS&E Program recognizes two categories of courses: core and affiliated.

Core courses

Core courses address the issues that are common to all scientific, engineering, and computing disciplines with intensive requirements for high performance computing. They are multidisciplinary in nature with many examples and practical problems relevant to current research. A subset of these courses is mandatory for all CS&E students. To ensure that these courses are up-to-date, they will be partially taught, as appropriate, by researchers of national renown from outside the university. These guest instructors will be in residence for one to two weeks at a time and will be available for interaction with students. The list of possible core courses, some under development, is presented below.

  • Advanced Data Management
  • Applied Fuzzy Logic and Neural Networks
  • Collaborative Research Environments
  • Computational Geometry, Grid/Mesh Generation
  • Computational Optimization
  • Control Theory
  • Distributed Databases
  • Domain Decomposition and Parallel Algorithms
  • Evolutionary Algorithms
  • Image and Time Series Analysis
  • Intelligent Systems
  • Linear and Nonlinear Programming
  • Parallel Computer Architectures
  • Parallel Linear Algebra
  • Scientific Visualization
  • Stochastic Systems
  • Symbolic Computation
  • User Interface Design
  • Virtual Reality Environments
  • Wavelets in Computation and Analysis

Affiliated courses by department

Each department affiliated with the CS&E Program offers courses with an emphasis on or an implication for computational techniques as applied to their discipline.

  • Biological Science
    Advanced Evolutionary Biology (PCB 5675)
    Current Problems in Neuroscience (PSB 6070r)
    Gene Expression and Development (PCB 5595)
  • Chemical Engineering
    Advanced Biochemical Engineering (ECH 6748)
    Advanced Process Control (ECH 5325)
    Advanced Chemical Engineering Computation (ECH 5844)
    Computational Molecular Dynamics (ECH 5937)
  • Chemistry
    Principles of Inorganic Chemistry (CHM 5620)
    Physical Organic Chemistry (CHM 5245)
    Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics (CHM 5460)
  • Computer Science
    Artifical Intelligence (CAP 5600)
    Artificial Neural Networks (CAP 5615)
    Complexity of Algorithms (COT 5410)
    Computer Architecture (CDA 5155)
    Database Systems (COP 5710)
    Object-oriented Programming
    Software Engineering (COP 5632)
  • Economics
    Applied Microeconomics (ECO 5114)
    Computational Economics I (ECO 5408)
    Limited Dependent Variable Models (ECO 5427)
    Mathematical Demography (ECP 5117)
    Simultaneous Equation Models (ECO 5424)
    Time Series Analysis (ECO 5425)
  • Geology
    Advanced Topics in Hydrology (GLY 5829r)
    Hydrodynamics (GLY 5556)
    Numerical Modeling of Groundwater Flow (GLY 5826)
  • Industrial Engineering
    Advanced Simulation Applications (ESI 5524)
    Applications of Knowledge Engineering (ESI 5625)
    Computational Topics in Industrial Engineering (EIN 5118)
    Computer-Aided Manufacturing (EIN 5396)
    Optimization on Networks (ESI 5492)
    System Modeling and Simulation (ESI 5523)
  • Mathematics
    Advanced Topics in Differential Equations (MAP 6316r)
    Advanced Topics in Numerical Analysis (MAD 6408r)
    Finite-Element Methods (MAP 5395)
    High-Order Finite-Difference Methods (MAD 5757)
    Hydrodynamic Stability (MAP 5512)
    Numerical Solutions of Partial Differential Equations I (MAD 5738), II (MAD 5739)
    Optimization (MAP 5207)
    Perturbation Theory (MAP 5441)
    Spectral Methods for Partial Differential Equations (MAD 5745)
    Wave Propagation Theory (MAP 5513)
  • Mechanical Engineering
    Advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics (EML 6726)
    Computational Materials Science (EML 5930)
    Introduction to Computational Mechanics (EGH 5456)
    Numerical Methods in Engineering (EGN 5455)
  • Meteorology
    Dynamical Weather Prediction (MET 5541r)
    Advanced Time series Analysis (6308r)
    Objective Analysis (6561r)
    Statistical Weather Prediction (MET 5550)
  • Oceanography
    Physics of the Air-Sea Boundary Layer (OCP 5551)
    Stability of Geophysical Fluid Flows (OCP 5255)
    Turbulence (OCP 5271)
  • Physics
    Condensed Matter Physics I (PHZ 5491), II (PHZ 5492)
    Electrodynamics (A-PHY 5645 and B-PHY 5347)
    High-Energy Physics I (PHZ 5354), II (PHZ 5355)
    Nuclear Physics I (PHZ 5305), II (PHZ 5307)
    Statistical Mechanics (PHY 5524)
    Special Topics in Physics - Computational Physics (PHY 6938r)
  • Statistics
    Computational Methods in Statistics I (STA 5106), II (STA 5107)
    Image Analysis (STA 6468r)
    Operations Research: Linear and Dynamic Programming (STA 5619)
    Statistics in Applications I (STA 5166), II (STA 5167), III (STA 5168)
Degree Options Home Additional Benefits
Degree OptionsHomeAdditional Benefits