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Affiliated Departments
Several departments from the College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Engineering are participants in the CS&E Program. As such, they offer courses that combine their disciplines with a strong computational component. The content of these courses may include algorithms, numerical analysis, or computer-science issues. Contemporary research results and techniques will be integrated into these courses to enable each student to appreciate the state of the art in related disciplines and to adapt to rapidly changing conditions.

Currently, the following departments are affiliated with the CS&E program:

Biological ScienceCollege of Arts and Sciences
Chemical EngineeringCollege of Engineering
ChemistryCollege of Arts and Sciences
Computer ScienceCollege of Arts and Sciences
EconomicsCollege of Social Sciences
GeologyCollege of Arts and Sciences
Industrial EngineeringCollege of Engineering
MathematicsCollege of Arts and Sciences
Mechanical EngineeringCollege of Engineering
MeteorologyCollege of Arts and Sciences
OceanographyCollege of Arts and Sciences
PhysicsCollege of Arts and Sciences
StatisticsCollege of Arts and Sciences
Program Description Home Degree Options
Program DescriptionHomeDegree Options